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    Vasna-Bhayli Main Road, Vadodara – 391410 Gujarat, INDIA.
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  • EMAIL : info@orsinfotech.com

Career With OrsInfotech

ORS Infotech wants you if you want to learn and grow with a company that provides the topnotch services in the digital domain. We provide end-to-end solutions to our customers and are looking for IT professionals who believe in breaking the shackles and scaling mountains to give customers what they want.

There are many reasons why you should be part of our innovative, talented and highly motivated team.

Why Join ORS Infotech?

  • Work-Life Balance

    We realize working in the digital realm is practically a 24-hour job. But ORS Infotech understands the fine nuance between balancing work life and personal life. We believe happy employees are productive employees. Hence, we encourage our employees to balance their work with their personal. We provide flexible working hours so that you can take care of emergencies at home.

    Yes, there are times when we burn the midnight oil, but we also party hard when we see the satisfied look on our customers’ faces and get kudos for our results and accomplishments.

  • Friendly Work Ambiance

    We value our team members and that is why we have a friendly atmosphere at work. We are a family and want every single employee to feel a part of it. We have disagreements, but they are resolved in an amicable manner. We ensure our employees have access to the management to air their grievances and speak about their problems at work or home.

    Our employees bounce out of bed to come to work every day because each day brings in a new challenge that they just cannot wait to tackle. This is the result of having a home away from home.

  • Training Opportunities

    The IT world is not static. There are constantly new innovations and advancements taking place. You will love it when we tell you ORS Infotech is all about retaining talent and upgrading their knowledge. If you feel the need to participate in a training program, just let the training manager know and he will do the needful. Or, join the regular training sessions we conduct off-site and on-site to help you imbibe new skills and knowledge.

    With ORS Infotech, you will always be abreast of the changes taking place in the IT domain and will have the skills and expertise to meet clients’ requirements.

  • Competitive Salary and Perks

    We appreciate our employees and this is visible with our competitive salary package. We provide the best package in the industry to talented IT professionals. And, we also have benefits to die for!

    With our fair and unbiased yearly appraisals, our employees always get paid for their hard work, meeting your goals and of course, your efforts. There are rewards and recognition awaiting you at ORS Infotech.

  • Ownership of the Project

    We realize when you are working on a project, you will want a free reign to decide. As a team, you will be given the freedom to choose and create what is best for the customer. This allows you the liberty to unleash your creativity and showcase your talent and expertise.

    ORS Infotech is a happening place, with new challenges that require the best solutions. We provide the thrill and spills without stress. So if you want to be a part of our growing company where commitment, thinking out-of-the-box, ethics and talent are highly prized and rewarded, send us your resume. If you fit into our requirements, we would be happy to welcome you into our creative, talented and dynamic ORS Infotech family.